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To order a pick up or track a shipment 

Today Delivery Courier Service


  • WAIT TIME: A pick up that is not ready when the driver arrives will get a 10-minute grace period, then incur charges of 40¢ per minute or $24 per hour.
  • AIRPORTS: Pick ups and deliveries at airport cargo or counter facilities will incur an additional $15 charge.
  • CONVENTION CENTERS: Deliveries to convention centers will incur an additional $25 charge.
  • RESIDENCES: Deliveries to residences will incur an additional $10 charge.
  • INCORRECT ADDRESS: Extra stops due to incorrect addressing will incur an additional $10 charge.
  • TWO-MAN: Deliveries requiring two men will be incur an additional $25 charge.
  • WEIGHT CHARGES: The base rate includes weights up to 50 pounds. Heavier packages will be charged an additional 8¢ for each pound over 50.
  • MULTIPLE STOPS: Multiple-stop deliveries will be charged 100% for the furthest distance plus 50% for each additional stop.

To contact us call Keith at 877-957-2547 or email kfarber@todaydeliveryinc.com.