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To order a pick up or track a shipment 

Today Delivery Courier Service


  • DAILY: Pick up prior to 10AM, deliver by 5PM.
  • 4-HOUR: Pick up and deliver within 4 hours.
  • 2-HOUR: Pick up and deliver within 2 hours.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Pick up package and drive it directly to destination.
  • EVENING: All deliveries ready after 4PM.
  • GRAVEYARD: All deliveries made between 10PM and 7AM.

2-hour rate is not applicable for deliveries over 50 miles.
4-hour rate is not applicable for deliveries over 100 miles.
All rates are quoted from the time the package is ready for pick up.
Please call for quotes on deliveries over 200 miles or that require a special vehicle.
Prices on price list do not reflect fuel surcharge, if any.

To contact us call Keith at 877-957-2547 or email kfarber@todaydeliveryinc.com.